Soundcloud wordpress plugin

Hey all!

I just wanted to give a small summary on the latest plugin I made for WordPress: Soundcloud Latest Tracks. The reason I made this plugin was that I could not find a Soundcloud plugin anywhere that would let me simply get the latest tracks of a specific Soundcloud artist (all the plugins I found allowed you to embed a particular Soundcloud track).

So I decided I would have a look into the Soundcloud Javascript API with which I needed to query Soundcloud about a particular user to retrieve their latest (i.e. most recently posted) tracks:

SC.get("/users/"+slt.userId+"/tracks", {limit: slt.tracks, offset : offset, function(tracks){
SC.oEmbed.... etc....

Using this method to retrieve and embed Soundcloud tracks I was able to embed a Soundcloud user’s X amount of latest tracks using a shortcode or widget to display the tracks anywhere on your WordPress website that your heart desired. Since I wanted this plugin to be more flexible I added some settings such as: the number of latest tracks you want displayed, player color (e.g. play button color), player height, etc…

I also decided to add a “hear more” button that when clicked will retrieve the next x amount of tracks and append the Soundcloud tracks to the list via some AJAX magic. I thought this would be a nice way for users to peruse an artist’s tracks without having to leave their website!

Well that’s all I have time for now but check out the plugin and perhaps even leave me a review!

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