Sylvia’s Books


This website showcases an online book written by the author Sylvia Lowik. The key goal of the website was to combine the CMS tools of WordPress with a readable and clean design.

The site is based on the WordPress CMS using a minimalist theme that I engineered into being able to display blog posts as chapters of a book.

To display the book chapters the user has the choice read them as blog posts or using the custom built book reading UI that I made using an already existing Javascript framework called BookBlock. This framework allows users to read the user generated books (compilation of WordPress posts written by that user) inside a “book UI” as shown below:
book example
The author can also add sound files to any WordPress post (i.e. chapter) which will be played when the user reaches that chapter in the book UI.

The website is technically in it’s first version but will soon be moving into it’s next stage which will include a new ‘lore’ section for more details about the books’ worlds, cultures, civilisations, etc…