A holiday home rental website that delivers a service to rent absolutely beautiful houses in France in a variety of locations.

I contributed to this project in order to upgrade and optimise features for the best user interaction and experience. This included things such as:

  • Appending new options and functionality to things like accommodation pricing models, adding new search filters and adding basic accommodation reviews.
  • Redesigning layout and look and feel of some key page components by implementing CSS and SASS to target specific devices (e.g. mobile, tablets, desktops, etc…).
  • Fixing Drupal bugs due to faulty modules or outdated code.
  • Backing up databases for feature testing and implementation.
  • Web hosting and domain transferral.
  • Mail server configuration and set up.
  • Server Varnish caching for blazing fast page load times.
  • Installing, updating and configuration of cool Drupal modules to implement features such as Field Permissions, XML Sitemap, Redirect and many more!
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google optimisation to be able to share holiday homes in a correctly formatted way.