A musical band’s website to advertise the band’s tour dates, album/track releases and of course the band itself!

For the website the client wanted to create an online presence for their band called “Dialoque”. The website needed to preview albums/tracks but also to inform viewers on what he band is about and how they can buy their music or tickets to events that they are playing at.

Because the website’s main purpose was for online presence a simple one-page design was used where all the information can be acquired about the band in one easy page load. The features/sections of this one page design are as follows:

  • A visually appeasing full screen slider that immediately catches the user’s eye and sets the tone for the website.
  • A track preview that is used to allows viewers to quickly and easy preview the “band’s sound” by playing a preview snipped of their latest release.
  • A blog section to allows the band to keep their followers up to date with what the band is doing, where they are playing, etc…
  • A tour dates section showing the upcoming band gigs. This section was hooked up to the band’s GigaTools feed so that the client could create an event in GigaTools to then appear on their Facebook, Twitter accounts as well their website all in one go.
  • A discography section to preview the band’s albums and tracks and allow user’s to buy the music by linking to platforms like iTunes or Beatport.
  • A Twitter feed.
  • An image gallery to show off the band’s gigs and their highly talented members.
  • Biography and Label section to explain what the band/music and label are about
  • A partner section to list all the individuals/companies that are working with the band.
  • A social network section to link to all the band’s social platform accounts such as Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Beatport and iTunes.

After a lot of the main leg work was completed for the project we added in a cool HTML5 background video for the tour dates section which really make the whole design come together very well and choosing the beautiful band logo’s artwork for the main image slider set the correct tone and vibe for the website.