website collaboration with Lightflows

A social networking and road-safety information website built for the Autoline insurance company.

The client wanted to build a social networking platform for users to discuss and learn about road-saftey while also being able to share their “Chillidrive Score” that is calculated using the “Chillidrive App“. Autoline customers (who own the App) and anyone who is interested in road-safety information can register on the website in order to learn more about road-saftey and discuss anything car or road related. The website is built on the SocialEngine PHP framework which is a very flexible, robust and versatile social networking platform.

The website supplies users with social networking features such as:

  • User statuses
  • Messaging
  • Image and Video sharing
  • Forum discussions
  • Liking and commenting on user’s posts and status updates

All content can then be administered and checked over in Social Engine’s administration area as well as adding new content via the CMS system such as:

  • Pages with HTML or plugins (e.g. Twitter feed)
  • Blog posts
  • Forum topic and replies
  • User management (e.g. roles and registration)
  • User statistics (e.g. number of hits per page, number of logins per day, etc…)

The client also requested a REST API to be available in order to create users programmatically on the social platform. For this I implemented the SLIM framework to be able to call a “user generate” REST command that creates/registers a user with the required details.

The client also wanted an alternative mobile version that featured a more useable and better fitting user interface for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.