A new year, a new design

Happy 2015 to you all and welcome to the new and improved Campbell Designs website!

After some feedback and research on my previous design I decided it was high time to improve my website so it reflects and displays to potential clients my professionalism and my “WordPress know-how” as a freelance web developer. So yes, this new website is using the WordPress CMS with a customised theme of mine (that uses a few features from a couple of other themes).

I decided to go with a one-page home page that inclusively describes the work I do as a freelancer (i.e. as Campbell Designs) while showing off some animations and parallax features for full effect! I must say the more I learn about the WordPress CMS framework the more I love it! For example creating custom post types allows you to create packaged data objects with custom fields (I use the plugin Advanced Custom Fields the most for this which allows you to easily create custom fields in the Admin UI) that then can be displayed in their own custom page templates and archive pages. So I must say that I really enjoy the flexibility in alot of the features of WordPress due to this CMS providing alot of event hooks (WordPress calls them actions) and of course not to mention there are thousands of free WordPress plugins you can use for an array of features.
So perhaps some of you are wondering why the change? Well the first big difference is that I wanted to implement much more visuals in my website. The visuals of course must relate to the work I do to convey the right message and because “a picture is worth 1000 words” visuals are one of the best simplest ways to convey a message. I wanted to be conveying my skills and the type of work I do to visitors in a simple and concise way and so using great images and animations/effects get this point across very well. This is of course not to say that you should only be using visuals! So I have given more insight into the type of services that I offer as this is imperative to matching client requirements to services and expertise that I can provide.

Last but not the least is that WordPress has some great language plugins out there that making translating a website a million times easier than translating a static one (trust me it’s a nightmare!). The plugin I decided to use is qTranslate (and Geo Redirect to select the right language URL depending on your IP address) which has allowed me to translate any post’s body text from the default language English to Dutch. I have not yet finished the translations yet but I should have full Dutch version of the site available very soon indeed!

So that’s all I have to share on the new features I researched and then implemented into this Campbell Designs 2.0 website. I shall definitely soon start posting some bug fixes and programming tips so make sure to drop by after a little while!

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