New Beginnings

Greetings reader and welcome to my blog! Being a web developer and designer I’ve come across lots and lots of issues/problems that I must find solutions for (some taking much longer to find than others). I’m starting this blog to share those gold nugget solutions and knowledge with you and also partly to save that knowledge for any future projects I will work on.

This blog will mainly cover only web related programming and design techniques that I have acquired over the years (e.g. PHP programming helpful hints,  CMSes, SEO, Photoshop techniques and numerous other subjects). I of course promise to share other things if it’s interesting and super cool! Like this concept art for instance:

star wars wookie

Now before I go off on some Star Wars tangent, I guess I’ll give you a quick *introduction* about myself (although you should be able to get a good idea from my “about me” page of course) and the work I do.

I’ve been enveloped in web development world since I started university in 2008 but my first real world experience was in 2012 at a small web development firm in the UK working with C# and ASP.NET technologies (enterprise web development). It was here I got my hands on my first CMS (Content Management System): Orchard.

Even though the CMS was ridiculously simple I absolutely loved it because it was a way to stop having to reproduce static pages over and over again. As this is the power of a CMS, to be able to theme and create cool functionality for a website yet being able to allow the customer to come in and add in their own content in a easy and intuitive way. This keeps the website up-to-date whether its creating new articles for your blog or simply updating any of the web pages. It allows the customer to do all of this without having to call in a developer to carry out these simple tasks and in turn allows us developers to concentrate on the more complicated jobs.

But of course since those days I have moved on to better and more flexible CMSes such as Drupal and WordPress (PHP and MySQL based) which both have their strengths and weaknesses which I will go more in depth in a future blog post. I’ve got a couple of years of experience in both of these CMSes and I must say I love them both equally in their own way. Although according to W3Techs, WordPress websites have a larger CMS market share than any other CMS by sizeable margin (source).

I think that will be all for now but please check out my portfolio and don’t hesitate to contact me for any website quotes, questions or simply just to say hello!

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